Superdiversity in the heart of Europe (E-book)

How migration changes our society

The 21st century will be the century of superdiversity. Ethnic-cultural diversity in Europe continues to grow, even though governments try to limit further 'Lees meer…


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Dirk Geldof´s book on the subject of superdiversity is an interesting study of the current and future development of the population composition in Europe. Based on the examples of Antwerp and Belgium, the author shows the demographic developments which lead to an increasing diversity in the diversity – even if a future immigration is limited. (…) The author shows how polarizing discourses can be overcome by focusing on the participation and empowerment of all members of a society in order to strengthen social solidarity and to counter growing social inequalities.

Prof. Eveline Ammann Dula, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department for Social Work

Die Stärke des Buches liegt im Aufzeigen der Diversität als Normalität in Großstädten und der kommenden Realität auch in übrigen Städten Europas. (…) Das Buch von Dirk Geldof zum Thema Superdiversität ist eine interessante Auseinandersetzung mit der aktuellen und kommenden Entwicklung der Bevölkerungszusammensetzung in Europa. (…) Der Autor zeigt auf, wie polarisierende Diskurse überwunden werden können, indem der Fokus auf Teilhabe und Mitbestimmung aller Mitglieder der Gesellschaft gerichtet wird, um damit die gesellschaftliche Solidarität zu stärken und wachsenden sozialen Ungleichheiten entgegenzutreten.

Prof. Eveline Ammann Dula, Bern University of Applied Sciences, Department for Social Work

The book moves beyond a simple focus on ethnicity or country of origin to identify multiple differences including migration status, class, language and transnational networks. ‘Superdiversity in the heart of Europe’ tries to understand the transition from multiculturalism to superdiversity in Belgium using Steven Vertovec’s superdiversity as an emerging theory, in combination with the work of Ulrich Beck and a variety of scholars. The book is of value to those researching superdiversity elsewhere in Europe and in those countries that are beginning to experience the arrival of more people from more places and the complexification of their populations.

Jenny Phillimore is Professor of Migration and Superdiversity, and Director of the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS, University of Birmingham).

Superdiversity in the Heart of Europe provides a rich insight into the transition of Belgium to a superdiverse society, and what it means for people, policy and practice on the ground. Drawing on international scholarship and theory building around multiculturalism, diversity and cosmopolitanism, the book offers a fresh perspective on the opportunities and challenges brought about by recent unprecedented population changes.

Susanne Wessendorf, Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Institute for Research into Superdiversity, University of Birmingham, and author of ‘Commonplace Diversity: Social Relations in a Super-Diverse Context’ (Palgrave Macmillan 2014).

The strength of Dirk Geldof his contribution is that he is able to use the rather abstract concept of super-diversity as a lens to understand the new demographic reality of Belgium cities like Brussels and Antwerp or any other majority minority city in Europe. Our societies will again be changed by the new refugee groups coming into our societies. This book helps us to think through how we can work with that new reality so that our societies will continue to prosper in the future, while providing a safe haven for people who fled from intolerance and violence.

Maurice Crul, Professor Sociology at the VU University Amsterdam and co-author of ‘Super-diversity: a new perspective on integration’  (VU University Press, 2013).

Over de auteur

Dirk Geldof is lecturer in Sociology at the Faculty of Design Sciences at the University of  Antwerp. He is also Lecturer in Sociology & Society and Researcher at the Higher Institute for Family Studies (Odisee University College Brussels) and Lecturer 'Diversity, Poverty and the City' and 'Migration' in the Social Work Program at the Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp.
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