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Become a shareholder now and enjoy lots of benefits for life.

An Acco share costs  € 31 and you'll get great return on investment.

You'll enjoy a lifetime discount*

Not only as a student but as a professional as well

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Do you want Acco to be your partner in lifelong learning? No problem! We’re here for you, whether you're a student, professional or professor.

Remember, we owe our existence to students. In 1960 they founded Acco as an Academic Cooperative so they could manage the production and distribution of course and text books themselves. By doing this, they made education affordable to everyone. Today we welcome more than 225,000 shareholders joining our mission.

Become a partner of Acco

and take part in an interesting community focused on knowledge

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* In webshops for certain universities/colleges there are no benefits with the Acco share. More info can be found on the homepage of these specific webshops. Shareholder benefits are only valid in Belgium. An Acco share is personal: only you can use it.

Buying your Acco share

Please fill out this form. A share is an official document, so please use your legal name and address. By clicking the button 'Buy Acco share', you’ll add the share to your shopping basket.


Oops, you forgot or made an error in one or more field. It can happen, Please verify the fields market in red, Please complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take for the discounts to be applied?

Once you have paid for your Acco share, it can take a short while for our website to recognise it. That is because we have to do a little check after. As soon as that has been done, you will receive an e-mail with details on how to pick up your shareholderscard in one of our shops.

You bought an Acco-share in one of our bookstores?

24 hours later you are good to go in our webshop as well. You can link your share to your account. Even without an account you can use your share during check-out to enjoy your discounts.

Other questions?

From checking the number of your Acco-shareholderscard to requesting a new card or even the most silly question you can come up with; one address for all questions concerning the Acco share: Curious about what the Acco share is? Or would you like to buy one? All you need to know is right here on this page! 

Where can I find the legal statutes of the cooperative?

You can download the statutes here.


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