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Publishing with Acco has many advantages. Central to these is the close cooperation we provide for you throughout the entire process. We have summarised the main benefits below.

Guidance and supervision during the writing process

A fresh look at what you are doing can work wonders. Our enthusiastic publications team will assist you with personal guidance and supervision as well as content-related feedback at every stage of the writing process. You will receive help not only from our various editors, but also from external lecturers. While you are writing, we will also provide detailed language and style corrections so that your publication works on both the Belgian and Dutch markets.

Assistance with everything else in addition to writing

We will help you through the issues surrounding copyright, the design of your book, creating multimedia material, etc. In fact everything and anything that relates to the publication of your work.

Personalised advice

We will look for an editor who knows what he or she is doing and who is also geared to your work and area of specialisation. That way you will always receive valuable advice that you can put to good use.

The appropriate form

Based on your subject and target audience, we will work with you to find the best way of getting your knowledge across (e.g. a printed book, course, e-book, web app, seminar, etc.). In doing so, we will focus on innovative forms of conventional publication and multimedia publications with the help of new technologies, teaching methods and forms of education.

Project management from A to Z

Every author would like to be able to write without distractions. That’s why we handle the whole project management side for you. We ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that the production time doesn’t drag on. And you can always come to us with any questions or requests.

Teaching tips and peer review

Have you geared everything to your students the best you can? You can count on us for education technology and didactic support for your work.

Prior to publication, we also allow your work to be assessed by your target audience. This enables us to raise the quality of your publication to the highest level. Many of our publications carry the GPRC label, which is the leading quality label of the Flemish Association of Publishers.

Top quality

As a result of our many years of working with the best suppliers, we are able to guarantee top quality for you, both in terms of graphics and technology.


We do everything we can to showcase your publication. Our ongoing close contacts with our target audiences mean that we know them very well and so are able to attune our marketing perfectly to their needs. The feedback that we receive during the promotion is always passed back to you. Perhaps your target audience would like to have a seminar or app about your publication. If it does, we will certainly let you know.

We can also draw on a very extensive network in Flanders and the Netherlands. This will enable the promotion and information about your publication to reach the right people as a result of our close working relationship with bookstores, libraries, professional associations and the trade press. Our broad distribution network of our own bookshops, campus book retailers and various partnerships will do the rest.

Affordable prices

Given that our target audience: consists of students, we attach a great deal of importance to charging affordable prices for all of the products and services we offer them. An example of this is the Acco share scheme which enables shareholders to enjoy lifelong discounts when they shop at Acco.

Correct payments

Please do not worry about the payment of author’s royalties. We see to it that everything is handled promptly and correctly.


When you publish your work with us, you will also enjoy significant discounts: up to 30% on purchases of your own work, 20% discount on other Acco titles and 15% discount on Acco courses.


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