At Acco, the customer always comes first. We are constantly looking for ways of helping students to study better, improving and simplifying the way professionals work and so on. We believe direct contact with our target audiences is enormously important: students, professionals, the specialist press, etc. As a result of this close bond, we also know them very well and are able to reach them in the best possible way so that we achieve the right effect. This makes us the perfect link between your product and your target audience. And it also ensures that our marketing really works.

Extensive network

To make sure our promotional efforts work to the full, we call on our extensive network. We have very strong contacts with higher education and the professional market, both in Belgium and the Netherlands. We work closely with trade associations, enter into partnerships, find ways of helping our target audiences better and assist teachers in taking their lessons to the next level.

We maintain all of these connections via our shops, websites, newsletters, social media and advertisements, as well as through our presence at trade shows, organising lectures, distributing specimen copies, etc.

Personalised promotion

You can see it for yourself: our specialist knowledge, close links with our target audiences, our presence in Belgium and Holland and our extensive network all combine to make Acco the partner par excellence for promoting your publication. Combine that with the coverage of your own network and we are able to produce the best possible customised solution for your target audience. The result? Marketing that works as well as you do.


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