The days of ‘what is learned in the cradle is carried to the grave’ are long past. Cramming for exams has made way for lifelong learning. Learning on your own initiative. Learning where and when it suits you. In short, the world around us today is constantly changing. And it’s a world that requires learning methods that are different to the way they were a hundred years ago.

Blended learning

We’re not going to tell you that paper is dead and that everything has to be digital. Far from it. In fact, we are convinced that there is enormous added value to be gained from a combination of the two. Digital applications can do what paper can’t: they make study material interactive and multimedia . And that is the major advantage of blended learning. It’s a method that enhances the subject matter, gives students more flexibility and enables them to learn more effectively. But to be able to do so, of course, they need to have the right digital tools.

Digital tools

An example of the type of digital application we're working on is our new online learning platform for interactive courses and education: Sofia. It gives you the opportunity to develop online courses intuitively, or to enhance existing course material with videos, exercises and interactive apps. Students can take notes, make and share summaries, ask each other questions and keep assessing themselves via the exercises set.

But apps like that are not alone. Digital applications can be just as good as interactive and multimedia e-books. Or an online exercise platform, like Edumatic, which even includes learning analytics.


‘Sofia’ means knowledge and sharing knowledge happens to be Acco’s passion. Acco wants to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and therefor developed the online learning platform ‘Sofia’. That’s how we want to make sure that knowledge can reach you in the best possible way and in the best possible form.

With the online learning platform Sofia, as a professor, you can easily make user friendly online and interactive course material. Share your courses with your students and test their knowledge online. Students will be able to test themselves and learn how to master the information in an interactive way.

Would you like to get some more information, please check the Sofia-webpage and contact us through:

Collaboration is key

At Acco, we like ‘getting to know you’. Or starting point is always your question. How do you want to share knowledge? In what way do you prefer to learn? How can we improve the quality of our products even more? Together, with you, we investigate which is the way to go.

With result: knowledge that’s worth being shared. At a reasonable price, because education needs to be and stay accessible. At Acco, we keep a close eye on all these new developments.

Our innovation manager picks up on the latest trends, examines them very carefully and then goes looking for ways to incorporate them into our offering. That way, and basing ourselves on your subject and learning material, we arrive at the best way of developing it. All of which makes us the ideal partner to work with. And it is precisely this close collaboration, combined with the right digital applications, that helps create a new, revolutionary learning experience. The future way of learning, today.


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