Everything you need to know about e-books

You want to download an e-book? Great! We applaud digital evolution and provide our customers with all information needed. 

Did you already install some software to read your e-books? If not, please make sure to do so. If you want some advice, just read on.

E-book properties

We sell e-books with different file formats. The most well-known are ePub and PDF. A publisher chooses if e-books are protected by DRM. Are you curious about the product properties of our e-books? You can find them on each product detail page.

Protected by DRM? ePub and PDF? Help?!

A PDF-file is a common file format you probably encountered before. You can open a PDF-file using software such as Adobe Reader and Adobe Pro. A ePub-file is specific to e-books. You can't open an ePub-file using a regular PDF-reader. You need a dedicated program, such as Adobe Digital Editions, iBooks, Bluefire or others.

DRM is short for Digital Rights Management. It's a technique to secure e-books so they don't get pirated or copied. For example, a publisher can choose to disable the print option of an e-book or can even indicate on which device(s) an e-book can be read. On each product detail page an indication of DRM is given.

Making full use of e-books

  • Step 1: You bought an e-book or want to buy one? Read these instructions to garantuee optimal use of your e-book(s)!

Once you paid your e-book, you get a confirmation mail including a link referring to your digital publications on our website. This is where you find all your purchased digital products at Acco, including e-books. Use the 'download' link to place the e-book on your device. This link remains available for 14 days after your purchase.

You haven't yet installed the right software to read your e-book(s)? Make sure to first install the software before downloading the e-book!

  • Step 2: Download and install Adobe Digital Editions. If you haven't installed ADE the e-book will be accessible on your device but you won't be able to open it correctly. If you want to open your file, please make sure you've downloaded Adobe Digital Editions (or a similar software). We prefer Adobe Digital Editions and will therefore focus on this software.

To open an ePub file you need Adobe Digital Editions. The free software is availbale on Adobe's website. You need to fulfill these steps:

  • Go through the installation process
  • Adobe Digital Editions will start automatically
  • Adobe Digital Editions wants to authorize your device. This step is absolutely necessary
  • Create an Adobe-ID. It's necessary to create an Adobe-ID. Do not continue as an anonymous user! Only registered users can access their e-books at all time and everywhere. 
  • After you made your account you can log in using your Adobe-ID. You can now start using your digital library in Adobe Digital Editions.
  • Step 3: Download your e-book

The confirmation mail you received after your purchase contains a link to your digital publications on the Acco website. Click on this link to go to our website. Once you're logged in you can download your e-books using the 'download' link. Now that you've installed Adobe Digital Editions you can open the e-book and it will open automatically in Adobe Digital Editions. You can read and arrange your e-books via this software. 

  • Step 4: Open your e-book on other devices


Connect your e-reader to your computer using a USB cable. Adobe Digital Editions will recognize your e-reader. In the left corner of your screen a link to your e-reader will appear. Drag the e-book from your digital library to your e-reader. Now you copied the e-book to your e-reader.


(information partly taken from ereaders.nl)

E-books secured by Adobe DRM

Via Bluefire Reader application: during the installation of this app you will be asked to link the app to your Adobe account. When the app is linked to your Adobe account you can use e-mail or Dropbox to open your e-books. This app also syncs e-books using iTunes.

Via txtr application: to read secured e-books in txtr you need an account on www.txtr.com. Then you can upload the ePub file via your computer to your txtr account. After opening your e-book in Adobe Digital Editions, you'll find the ePub file in the 'My Digital Editions' folder. Download the txtr app in the Apple Store or Android Play Store and authorize your Adobe-ID (Setting > Library > Archive).

E-books without Adobe DRM

Via iBooks app: ePubs without DRM? You can just use iTunes to open them in iBooks.

Which devices support my e-books?

Not every e-book is suitable for every device. It all depends on file format and DRM. Want to read more about this matter? Please do so on e-readers.nl.

E-book payment conditions

You can only pay for your e-book using credit or debet cards. E-books can never be bought on credit, they have to be paid for immediately.

You cannot cancel or exchange your bought e-books. The download link you receive will remain accessible for 14 days on your digital bookshelf.

I clicked on the download link but my download doesn't start?

A common cause lies in the security settings of your internet connection. Your proxyserver or firewall prevent you from downloading the e-book. Please contact your system administrator or internet supplier if you cannot change these settings yourself.

I did not receive a conformation mail?

Maybe your e-mail provider marked this mail as spam or junk mail. Please search your junk mail folder for these e-mails.

Can't find them? Not a problem at all! You can always check your digital library when you log in on www.acco.be. After you log in you go to your digital library using your personal account. There you'll find all your purchased digital products.

My download link does not respond?

After your purchase you have 14 days to activate your download. If your download does not start, please contact us at e-books@acco.be. We love to give you a helping hand.

Additional questions?

We can help you with all your questions concering the e-books you bought at Acco. Please send an e-mail to e-books@acco.be


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