Acco course texts and Blokwijzers now also available for online order!
Need office supplies? Go to www.acco.be/kantoormateriaal.
Want to print course materials and get them delivered at home? Go to http://www.acco.be/acco-printservice and order your print voucher.


Contact our management

General manager

Vicky Adriaensen
Tel.: + 32 16 62 80 50
E-mail: vicky.adriaensen@acco.be

Operational manager

Marjan Mertens
Tel.: +32 16 62 80 30
E-mail: marjan.mertens@acco.be

Publishing manager

Nathalie Briessinck 
Tel.: +32 16 62 80 36
E-mail: nathalie.briessinck@acco.be

Finance manager

Pieter Cabooter
Tel.: + 32 16 62 80 67
E-mail: pieter.cabooter@acco.be


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