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Dear student,

Welcome at the online campusshop for UCLL LER Diest! You'll find your books listed per year*. You can add the entire list in one click or add the books one by one. You get a discount of upto 15% when ordering your books. The discount-price is the one shown on the screen.

Attention: some books are used in multiple years. Please pay attention while ordering. It is possible that you've already had to order some of these books.

You can pick-up your books in our store in Leuven (Maria Theresiastraat 2-4, 3000 Leuven). You can find the opening hours of our store here

In the confirmation e-mail of your order you can find the location you chose.

For an easy and quick service, please bring your takeaway message.

Any problems or questions? Mail to

*Changes can occur. This list was composed based on available data.


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