Our passion

At Acco we share a passion for knowledge. We gain knowledge. We create knowledge. We spread knowledge. That passion is the foundation of our cooperative. It was already there in 1960 when we set up our cooperative to make education and knowledge affordable for everyone.

Acco believes life belongs to the studious

When we talk about learning today we don't longer refer to the classical way of studying. During your education you prepare for the start of your career, but the knowledge gained won't suffice for your lifetime. Professions evolve, including the knowledge and skills you require in your profession. Occasionally refuelling proves necessary. A great book and an inspiring seminar strengthen your knowledge and keep you going.

We are convinced that the future lies in the hands of lifelong learners. Acco facilitates the sharing of knowledge. We want to ensure that knowledge reaches you at the best way possible. And the beauty of it all lies in the fact that we ourselves keep learning from you. Because we are just as eager to learn as you are.

Getting to know you

At Acco we want to get to know you and create knowledge with you, whether you are a professional, teacher or student. Acco always starts with you. What kind of knowledge are you interested in? How can we help you to learn more efficiently? How can we improve the quality of what we do? With you, we look for the path we should take. As a result, we create knowledge that is worth sharing. And affordable, since education must remain accessible.

Reliable knowledge mediator

Acco creates and distributes study material, literature and scientific publications in Flanders and the Netherlands. We bring knowledge to you day by day through innovative publications, seminars and symposia. Of course, Acco keeps up with the digital trends by developing innovative learning materials which are available any time, any place.

As you can see, a lot has changed since the founding of Acco, but knowledge is still our core business. Even under the influence of social evolution and innovation the core remains knowledge, only the form adapts. We don't doubt that our children and grandchildren will acquire knowledge in a different way. And for these generations Acco would like to continue to be a reliable knowledge mediator.


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